Naturopathic and Biological Medicine

I believe that the best medical system is the one that works for the patient.  I think primary treatments should be simple solutions that focus on clearing away things that impede the body’s incredible healing ability.  My passion is to provide treatments for acute and chronic conditions that create the space for health to occur. I am dedicated to listening to each patient as an individual and to fulfilling the roles of doctor, teacher, counsellor, cheerleader, and detective – I wear many hats.

Using a combination of strategies from the systems of Naturopathic and Biological Medicine I create this space for my patients.

Naturopathic Medicine takes into account all aspects of the human patient: body, mind and spirit are intricately connected in a delicate balance.  Grounded in ancient teachings and combined with modern research and technology, the medicine recognizes and supports the inherent ability of the body to heal itself on all levels.  Naturopathic doctors respect and work in conjunction with conventional strategies to support patients on their journey toward health.  We offer solutions that are natural, safe, researched and effective to both alleviate symptoms and remove the underlying cause of a health concern. We empower our patients to take an active role in their journey of lifelong health.

Biological Medicine understands that there are multiple, often hidden, influences that promote illness. The medicine was founded in Germany in the 1950s, and has advanced quickly with innovative techniques to both find and treat these influences.  The concept of a focus, or a hidden source point of a particular disease process, comes from this system of medicine.  It is the intention of a practitioner of Biological Medicine to seek out these foci through evolved methods of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.  In this way we truly create a space for health – we clean up the terrain (or environment) of the body to allow for healthy activity of the cells, tissues and organ systems.

My role as a Naturopathic and Biological Doctor is to combine these two systems of medicine to find the focus of your health issue, clear it away, and provide a nurturing space for your body, mind and spirit to heal.

I can’t wait to work with you!


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