About Focus

Seeds of GrowthI started Focus Medical because I saw the need for a new type of medicine, one that combines the strategies of Naturopathic and Biological medicine for the best interests of all patients.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor (registered in BC by the CNPBC), and I have also completed training in Biological Medicine through Biomed International.  A website for my practice, focusmedical.ca, will tell you more about who I am, and where I’m practicing.

A focus, in medical language, is defined as the chief site of a generalized disease or infection.  Often hidden from conscious perception, a focus can develop from an environmental exposure, dental issue, poor dietary habit, food allergy or intolerance, scar from previous intervention, or chronic low grade infection. Because of the intricate relationships between all body tissues, a focus in one area of the body can create symptoms elsewhere (for example, an unknown food allergy can affect the efficiency of digestive processes and create the symptom of frequent headaches).  The only way to resolve the true cause of any symptom, then, is to resolve its focus.

I believe that medicine should be simple, focused, and integrative. That doctors should be teachers, coaches and detectives. And that the body is capable of truly amazing things.  I am passionate about bridging the principles of these two systems of medicine and creating space for true, lasting health.

Take care,

Dr. Kali MacIsaac HBSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

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