Paleo vs. Vegan

Ever get the feeling, reading about the different diets, that you just want to throw your hands in the air and ask someone to Please Just Tell Me What To Eat??

Proponents of the most popular diets today follow vastly different rules – no animal protein, only certain kinds of animal protein, whole grains, no grains, only grass fed, fat free, fat-full.. it’s enough to make a person’s head spin.  Perhaps the two most opposing views come from the camps of Paleo and Vegan.  Both are plant-based, but where Paleo incorporates lots of good quality animal protein and fat, Vegan diets draw from strictly vegetarian proteins and fats.  Paleo dieters consume no grains, Vegan dieters do.  Strong opinions run through both groups, and many followers have miraculous stories of how their Paleo or Vegan diet cured their chronic illness and changed their lives.  So what’s the best choice?


Dr. Mark Hyman has a great response to the question of if we should be eating Paleo or Vegan.  Watch his video here.


In functional medicine, it always comes down to what’s best for the individual patient.  We don’t push specific diets on people, because we know that what works for one person will not work for the next patient we see.  Some people tolerate starchy carbs, others don’t.  It’s up to us as functional medicine docs to help patients figure out what is the best eating plan for them.

See your functional medicine doctor to start a personal exploration of what will work best for your body.


In health,



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