The Best Natural Scents

So a while back I made a post about the top 5 most toxic habits and I mentioned how we should avoid synthetic scents – sprays, candles, perfumes – because of the toxic chemicals and potential negative health effects. Well you can stop holding your breath for recipes (right) because here you have it – my personal favourite all-natural scents for you and your home.

In that original post I said that one of my favourite ways to clean and scent the air of our home was using an effusion oil lamp (mine is a Lampe Berger). I still use mine almost every day, but when the oil started getting too expensive I started making my own from scratch.  Here is a great recipe for DIY effusion oil (on the cheap) that won’t clog the wick and can be prepped in about 5 minutes:

DIY Effusion Lamp Oil


-1 x 473 mL (16 oz) bottle of isopropyl alcohol (at least 91%)
-1 tablespoon distilled water
-1 tablespoon essential oil (my personal favourite is lavender)


Remove 2 tablespoons of alcohol from the bottle (this is to make room in the bottle for the water and essential oil). Add 1 tbsp distilled water and 1 tbsp of essential oil back into the bottle with the isopropyl alcohol.
That. Is. It. Mix it up, let your wick soak for a few hours and then burn away.  I’ve been making mine for over 6 months already and have had no problems with this formulation!

Best Natural Perfumes

I am currently in love with Pacifica’s line of all natural perfumes. They have balms, sprays, and roll ons (perfect for travel) in over a dozen fabulous scents. Their perfumes are free of parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol, are not tested on animals and made in the States. My personal favourite scent is Persian Rose.

Another amazing line of all-natural perfumes is INDAH. Their Dewi Perfume Balm is amazing, and the ingredient list? Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and pure essential oils. Not bad! Australian, so a bit hard to come by, but fantastic if you can find them.

If you’re into making your own perfume I would recommend diluting a combination of your favourite essential oils with a carrier oil base (2 parts carrier : 1 part essential oils). Your carrier base could easily be organic coconut oil or jojoba oil, and we dilute the oils because they can sometimes irritate sensitive skin – fill a dark glass container and dab away.

DIY Linen Water

A great way to freshen up household fabrics (like the couch or the curtains), sheets or towels, is to spray with a natural linen water. I have also in the past added this linen water to my iron, and used it in the laundry. Once you see the recipe, I’m hoping you’ll never pay more than $2 on a fabric spray (filled with nasty toxic ingredients).


-2 cups distilled water
-20-30 drops of essential oils (I love eucalyptus, neroli, or lavender)
-3 tablespoons of Vodka (helps the oil mix with the water)
-an empty spray bottle or jar


It’s pretty simple, folks: add the essential oils and vodka together first at the bottom of the spray bottle. Mix well, then add the distilled water. You could just mix it all together at once, but doing it stepwise like this will prevent bubbles from floating throughout your linen water.

Not only are most of these DIY scents totally natural and non-toxic, they’re also significantly cheaper than versions you’ll find in stores. Let me know what your favourite scent combinations are, I’m always looking for new inspiration.

In health,




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