Travel Tips From Tempe

Hello from sunny Arizona!  My post today is late… apologies… but I’m blaming my need to bask in the sun in the middle of February (sorry to my fellow Canadians).

I’m here in Tempe, Arizona, finishing up the certification program for Biological Medicine with Dr. Thomas Rau MD.  He is an incredible icon in this field and runs an amazing practice in Switzerland called the Paracelsus Klinik. I’ll be learning his specific approach to preventing and treating the most common illnesses we see in North America with the German philosophy of Biological Medicine. Awesome, right?

I digress.

As I was sitting in the airport and later enduring the 4.5 hour flight from Toronto to Phoenix, I started thinking about how I prepare for air travel and wanted to share some of my favourite tips to make sure you ‘survive’ (aka stay well during) a plane ride.

1. Buy some empty 100mL travel bottles: these are a must for anyone traveling with only a carry-on! Take all of your essentials with you and avoid having to find something when you arrive. I bring my favourite natural/non-toxic products like my new favourite Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo.  I’m actually recycling a small glass jar for moisturizer on this trip, which works well too.

2. Keep hydrated by bringing a stainless steel or glass water bottle in your bag: take it empty to the airport and fill once you’re through customs. Having your own water bottle will remind you to stay hydrated through the day, and will ensure you have lots of water on the airplane without bugging your flight attendant every five minutes.  During this past flight, I even asked for hot water in my stainless bottle and made my own tea.

3. Pack some of your favourite herbal teas: they won’t get taken at customs, and herbal teas are another way to keep you hydrated through those long, d-r-y flights. My picks for this past flight were Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha and Traditional Medicinals Ginger. Using your stainless or glass bottle for tea is safer than plastic or styrofoam, and also lets you have tea throughout the flight unlike your fellow passengers drinking from tiny disposable cups.

4. Definitely bring snacks! Food on planes is… well.. you’ve had it? Not the most clean menu I’ve seen. Some of my favourite travel snacks are:
-mixed nuts, seeds, and dried fruit trail mix
-banana chips
-protein bars: I brought Elevate Me Cocoa Coconut Cluster bars (these have whey protein) and Oskri Original Coconut bars
-ginger chews, from the Ginger People: to make sure my ears adjust to the pressure? And also because they taste amazing
-kale chips, made at home or store-bought, to get some greens into you

5. For long flights, pack a bottle of your favourite calming essential oil; my favourite for relaxation is lavender. Rub a few drops into your temples and behind your ears, and zen-out to some good music on your iPod. Even better, bring an eye mask and zonk out for as long as you can.

6. Last but not least: if you think it might be hard to find a good meal while traveling, bring some of your protein and greens powders from home. Most coffee shops, juice bars or cafes are willing to add your powders to one of their fruit smoothies. It’s a good healthy way to fill up when there’s nothing but bagels, bagels and more bagels. The greens powder I’m currently using is Douglas Labs Organic Greens and Reds.


That’s it for tonight!  Love from Tempe,


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